About Us

This is us

We are an advertising agency, living local in the central part of Copenhagen, but born great as part of the world’s most rewarded advertising network. We live to make positive change and transforming the business of our clients. We do this by telling creatively strong stories based on truths about humans, behavior, society, passions, social and everything in between. Welcome to Truth Well Told.

The Truth Central

McCann Truth Central is our global leadership think tank – dedicated to uncover untold truths. Quarterly “The Truth About …” reports are produced and published to illuminate a specific field or target group of contemporary or future significance. And with 168 offices worldwide, the McCann Truth Central has access to unlimited sources of both quantitative and qualitative research material.

McCann Copenhagen is of course an active part of this great initiative, and we are proud to present the latest published report: “The Truth About Moms”.