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In the past 5 years more has happened to marketing than in the past 25 years. However, most marketing practices originate from a very different age and are still in effect even though they don’t reflect the realities of neither today or tomorrow.

Several studies have demonstrated that most brands could vanish tomorrow without being sorely missed. Only brands that play a significant role in people’s lives stand a chance of enjoying success in today’s marketing. In a world where previous business models and behaviour patterns are shifting dramatically, bringing meaning and purpose becomes the ultimate key.

Theories about marketing which were conceived decades ago are being challenged from all directions. This means that for marketers, the body of knowledge are in dire need of a significant upgrade. With conventional wisdom being replaced by new learnings, the winners will be the ones not afraid to pursue new opportunities and break down old barriers.

For both senior marketers and new talents who don’t shy away from moving their profession in new directions, McCademy is now the most advanced marketing course available – destined to take a select group of explorers on an unforgettable travel towards the next frontier in marketing.

At McCademy, you will understand how the current changes will affect your brand and business, discover and learn new ways to develop and organise marketing initiatives, get a better grasp of the tools required to navigate across many platforms and learn from a string of leading brands and experienced lecturers.

With this – our own – purpose in mind, McCann and CBS Executive are proud to present a new advanced and exclusive training course for a select group of marketers: Meaningful Marketing.

We’ll launch a website later this month at with all the information about program contents, application process, dates, pricing etc. so stay tuned.

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