Building an even better 2022. Together.

Dear Client,

We are always striving to improve as much as we possibly can and to do that, we need your input on our collaboration throughout 2021.

So, as we begin the new year, we would love your input on a few quick questions.

We look forward to further strengthening our partnership in the coming year.

Kind regards,
Tobias Smidth-Fibiger
McCann Copenhagen

Tobias Smidth-Fibiger

CEO Nordics

    1. Background Information


    2. Throughout the past year, what have you appreciated the most about our collaboration?

    3. If you were to recommend McCann Copenhagen to other marketers, what would you highlight?

    4. What three things can we do to create even more value for you in 2022?

    5. Do you have any other feedback or questions?